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Steven L. Kessler is quoted in a City Pages (Minneapolis) article, analyzing the forfeiture laws as they apply to this unique and unusual case

Asset forfeiture authority Steven L. Kessler is quoted in Mike Mullen’s October 11, 2016 article, “Mike Lacey, Backpage.com, and the mystery of the $5,000 checks.” The article discusses an unusual case out of California, which may have possible repercussions nationwide. Read the full article here.
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Steven L. Kessler quoted in ACAMS Moneylaundering.com article on forfeiture

Asset forfeiture attorney Steven L. Kessler was quoted in Valentina Pasquali’s June 15, 2016 article, “As Scrutiny of Asset Seizures Increases, Some See Pending Decline in Forfeitures,” published online at ACAMS Moneylaundering.com.  The article discusses pending legislation in Congress intended to curtail the misuse and abuse of federal asset forfeiture powers. Read the article “As Scrutiny of Asset Seizures Increases. Some See Pending Decline in Forfeitures”.

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