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Stealing Camp Zoe: The Forfeiture Gang Strikes (

Steve Kessler, a former prosecutor and recognized expert on forfeiture laws, has described the practice of asset forfeiture as “unquestionably the largest, most lucrative business in the United States.”

See the full article (on InformationLiberation) in which asset forfeiture attorney Steven Kessler is quoted by clicking here.


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U.S. Senate Should Pass Forfeiture Reform Bill (The Progress Report)

Steven Kessler, a trial lawyer who once headed the asset forfeiture unit of the Bronx district attorney’s office, recently told the Associated Press: “Forfeiture laws have run amok. The focus is no longer on combating crime… It’s on fundraising.”

To read this full editorial on The Progress Report where asset forfeiture attorney Steven Kessler is cited, click here.

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