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Employees Accused Of Stealing Millions (News-Sun)

Attorney Steven Kessler, lead counsel representing Sundance, said accounting audits revealed discrepancies in the company’s financial records. Sundance is seeking the return of at least $10 million in alleged stolen funds.

“We got to the figures based on extensive accountings and audits that have been done since 2008,” he said. “We were very comfortable with the $10 million amount … (but) it’s not as thorough as possible. We put in as much (information) as necessary to get to filing (the lawsuit).”

To read the full article about this New Mexico case involving asset forfeiture attorney Steven L. Kessler, click here.

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Take The Money And Run: The Crazy Perversities Of Civil Asset Forfeiture (Slate)

Allowing unelected private attorneys to oversee a county’s forfeiture proceedings on a contingency basis is the worst option yet. These private attorneys, unaccountable to the public, are making decisions about which cases to go after that directly affect their own personal wealth.

Steven Kessler, a New York attorney and author of a treatise on state forfeiture laws, says he’s never heard of anything like it. “This is scandalous,” Kessler told me in a phone interview. “It’s blatantly unconstitutional.”

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